House fires hit a 10 Year low in Springfield

“Springfield firefighters save lives, but not just with hoses and axes, but education and engagement. And they can’t do it alone. In 2017, the Springfield Fire Department reached a record number of citizens and house fires hit a 10-year low. They did it with help of numerous community partners. Throughout the year, the Department partnered with Springfield Public Schools Parents as Teachers (PAT) program to ensure the homes of children 5 and under are safe from fire. During their regular visits with families, PAT educators conduct fire safety surveys at their homes. These surveys aim to ensure families have working smoke alarms, fire extinguishers and escape plans and are avoiding fire hazards like overloaded electrical outlets, excessive clutter and careless smoking. In 2017, PAT educators conducted 91 residential fire safety surveys on our behalf. These visits have also helped contribute to the Department’s installation of a record number of smoke alarms in 2017. As a result of this partnership, the Department was also able to secure grant funding for smoke alarms and batteries along with fire extinguisher and two-story escape ladders to distribute to PAT families.”

Missouri Parents as Teachers Association

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