Missouri Parents as Teachers Association supports Child Advocacy Day because of Parents As Teachers programs like Columbia Public Schools.
Columbia PAT continues its work to support families during this critical and unprecedented time. Through supportive virtual home visits, diaper deliveries, and connection to essential resources in our community, we hope to help decrease family stress.

This time has been especially difficult for families whose first language is not English. Parent educators have been the main contact for many of our refugee and immigrant families who find it more difficult to navigate systems, information, and resources. They have been able to help problem-solve things like K-12 links and information, food resources and processes, and critical information about virus prevention.

Parent educators continue to bring our teen parents together in virtual group meetings in order to provide the group support our teen parents were receiving within their high schools. This has allowed the teens to come together with experienced educators to support one another through their unique lens and perspectives.

During virtual home visits, it has been especially important for parent educators to help families mitigate stress and anxiety by discussing self-care strategies, providing mental health resources, and sharing strategies to help reduce the negative emotional impact on children.

Next week they plan to launch virtual group classes starting with Infant Massage!

Columbia PAT is working hard to use our unique expertise and our connection to families with young children to find new ways to continue our traditional support. Likewise, we are helping families navigate all of the new challenges and stresses resulting from the pandemic.

TODAY WE STAND #Together4MOKids. #CPSstrongstart Join us in our work to build a better future for Missouri! #MOCAD2020 #HomeVisiting#MOPATA4kids #moleg

Missouri Parents as Teachers Association

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