Today, we stand #Together4MOKids Parents as Teachers supports families during uncertain times. A PAT mom shares: “PAT has been absolutely amazing to my family. They really helped me when it came to advice and guidence on how to be a young mother. They also taught me how to calm stressful situations for both myself and my child. They are very supportive and encouraging when it comes to everyday goals that you have and are absolutely amazing people. Without PAT I feel like i would have been afraid and unprepared in becoming a young mother. I am very grateful for all the time and efforts they have put into my family and wouldn’t take them for granted.”

Parent Educators partner with families to help them understand that even very young infants pick up on the stress that is around them. Be mindful of conversations and media exposure as children are listening. Share relaxation and stress-reducing techniques, reminding families that self-care will help them maintain the best mindset to take care of their children. Simple steps such as recognizing your own emotional state, taking several deep breaths, listening to relaxing music, talking to a friend and going outdoors will help you be the best you can be #FamilyWellbeing #MOCAD2020 #moleg #StrongFamiliesSafeKids#HomeVisiting

Missouri Parents as Teachers Association

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