Hannibal Parents as Teachers Mailing PAT Resources

Today, we stand #Together4MOKids! Hannibal Parents as Teachers continues visiting families virtually during these uncertain times and then following by mailing PAT resources and parent child interactions at the conclusion of the visit. We have referred families to community resources during visits and share a daily read aloud on our facebook pages for families to enjoy. #HannibalPAT #HomeVisiting #MOCAD2020#MOPATA4kids


Montgomery County Parent Educators are Connecting with Families Despite Rural Internet Service

Montgomery County Missouri PAT programs are connecting with families any way they can. While the internet service isn’t always reliable especially in rural MO Nancy Blaue, PAT Coordinator says “I feel like a lot of our parents are being empowered and strengthened through this experience.” “While not ideal, these tella/virtual visits are allowing parent educators to stay in contact with our families, follow-up with them, and share strategies to help with anxiety and stress, etc. ”
Thank you for supporting Missouri’s families! #MOCAD2020 #moleg#RuralMO


Joplin Parents as Teachers Provides Virtual Visit Activity Kits for Bilingual Families in Need

Today is Missouri Child Advocacy Day and today, we stand #Together4MOKids. Joplin Parents as Teachers provides Virtual Visit activity kits for bilingual families in need.
Also, calling and texting families to check-in can provide much-needed support and encouragement. As parent educators, we can listen and help remind parents of ways to destress. When we check-in we are taking some of the stress off of parents, not adding to it by asking a multitude of questions, but by listening and partnering with families to build resilience. We are all in this together and we can support our families during this uncertain time by reminding them they are not alone. #HomeVisiting#MOCAD2020 #moleg #StrongFamiliesSafeKids


Parent Educators Partner with Families to Help Them Understand Stress in the Home

Today, we stand #Together4MOKids Parents as Teachers supports families during uncertain times. A PAT mom shares: “PAT has been absolutely amazing to my family. They really helped me when it came to advice and guidence on how to be a young mother. They also taught me how to calm stressful situations for both myself and my child. They are very supportive and encouraging when it comes to everyday goals that you have and are absolutely amazing people. Without PAT I feel like i would have been afraid and unprepared in becoming a young mother. I am very grateful for all the time and efforts they have put into my family and wouldn’t take them for granted.”

Parent Educators partner with families to help them understand that even very young infants pick up on the stress that is around them. Be mindful of conversations and media exposure as children are listening. Share relaxation and stress-reducing techniques, reminding families that self-care will help them maintain the best mindset to take care of their children. Simple steps such as recognizing your own emotional state, taking several deep breaths, listening to relaxing music, talking to a friend and going outdoors will help you be the best you can be #FamilyWellbeing #MOCAD2020 #moleg #StrongFamiliesSafeKids#HomeVisiting


Palmyra Parent Educators Continue to Connect with Families

Today, we stand #Together4MOKids! Palmyra Parents as Teachers, Parent Educators continue to connect with families during this time by providing virtual home visits, social media posts and delivering meals to local daycares. They have been providing 110 meals to 10 daycare facilities as part of a school effort to feed kids. Kathy Nicholson shared “kids love reading books during the Virtual Visits and keep asking for just one more” Thank you for supporting Missouri families. #TeamPalmyra #FeedTheKids#HomeVisiting #MOCAD2020 #moleg #ReadTogetherBeTogether


Springfield Parents as Teachers’ Continuing Effort to Reduce Child Abuse and Neglect

Today, we stand #Together4MOKids In a continuing effort to reduce Child Abuse and Neglect, Springfield Parents as Teachers program has been working to educate and empower incarcerated parents by providing weekly classes at the Greene County Jail. SPS-PAT began the Strengthening Families women’s class in November 2017, and have had 268 attendees. In August 2018 a men’s class began and have had over 172 attendees. Most attendees will attend a minimum of 5-10 classes, some have been enrolled since class began and attend weekly. #Prevention #MOCAD2020 #moleg #StrongFamiliesSafeKids


Farmington Parent Educators Getting Ready to Have an I Spy Virtual Visit

Visit the @Farmingtion7pat Facebook page to explore Mrs. Kim’s Secret Garden, learn about germs, go on a color walk with a Farmington family, and so much more. Also pictured is a Farmington Parents As Teachers, Parent Educators getting ready to have an I Spy Virtual Visit. She will be talking about following directions, expanding Language by adding descriptive words, and helping to strengthen listening skills.

Today, we stand #Together4MOKids! #MOCAD2020 #HomeVisiting#moleg #MOPATA4kids Farmington, Missouri


PAT and other community partners collaborate with local fire department resulting in house fires hitting a 10 year low in Springfield

House fires hit a 10 Year low in Springfield

“Springfield firefighters save lives, but not just with hoses and axes, but education and engagement. And they can’t do it alone. In 2017, the Springfield Fire Department reached a record number of citizens and house fires hit a 10-year low. They did it with help of numerous community partners. Throughout the year, the Department partnered with Springfield Public Schools Parents as Teachers (PAT) program to ensure the homes of children 5 and under are safe from fire. During their regular visits with families, PAT educators conduct fire safety surveys at their homes. These surveys aim to ensure families have working smoke alarms, fire extinguishers and escape plans and are avoiding fire hazards like overloaded electrical outlets, excessive clutter and careless smoking. In 2017, PAT educators conducted 91 residential fire safety surveys on our behalf. These visits have also helped contribute to the Department’s installation of a record number of smoke alarms in 2017. As a result of this partnership, the Department was also able to secure grant funding for smoke alarms and batteries along with fire extinguisher and two-story escape ladders to distribute to PAT families.”